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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peeps Across America Road Trip: Peeps Goes Climbing in the Rockies; Fluff 'n Puff Turn Up in a Deli Freezer for $3.99 a pound...

After finally getting out of Kansas and the parts of Colorado neither of us ever want to see again, Ann and I arrived in Denver for a long weekend with our sister, Kate.

The weekend started well. After reintroducing Peeps to Kate, we immediately went to the College Inn for a brew or two. Peeps introduced himself around to the regulars who seemed a little leery but game about meeting him.

We spent the next day in the Rockies picnicking with Milo and Radmilla and their sons Stefan and Dejan and their dog Lola, with whom Peeps got along well. Peeps climbed mountains, went flying, picnicked (you can see him enjoying most of the food on the table). He explored caves, went badger hunting and smelled the bluebells with Kate.

Then we went to Buffalo Bill's grave site, where things went a bit sideways.

Immediately Peeps wanted to ride the buffalo, sit on Bill's grave, run rampant through the gift shop and eat chocolate. When we entered the gift shop he climbed into Buffalo's Bill's hat and refused to come down. In the gift shop he attempted to steal a Peeps-sized pistol and Stetson and was arrested by Sheriff Milo.

Outside he followed the Jolly Green Giant (aka Dejan) up a rock and tried to jump off. I have no idea what he was trying to prove, but parasailing was out of the question at that moment.

Later that evening he met Mike for a beer at the College Inn. I don't know what time he returned to the apartment, but...it had to be late. When we went out to get a few deli items at a nearby Russian deli the next morning he went exploring on his own. The screeching peep he emitted from the freezer section at the rear of the store was horrendous. The next thing we knew, Peeps and a pair of frozen rabbits ($3.99 a pound) were making a fast getaway in Kate's battered RAV.

Sure enough when we HIKED backed to the apartment Peeps had thawed out a seriously Hairless Fluff & Puff who were blue and shivering uncontrollably. He'd evidently stopped somewhere along the way to pick up some Rogaine because the bunnies were covered in... something and starting to sprout tufts of fuzz.

We took them with us to Idaho Springs when we went to enjoy the waters. Eventually they warmed up but remained blue blue blue.

To round out Peeps' visit to Denver, he and Kate visited a Tattoo parlour where they each had "MOTHER" tattooed on their biceps. Then it was off to Rodney's to meet Mary, the World's Greatest Bartender. She was somewhat leery of having her picture taken with Peeps, what with the threat of fame and all, but Peeps and "the boys" (Fluff and Puff) convinced her.

Fortunately for all concerned Ann and I left Denver the following morning and headed west. Unfortunately Peeps and the bunnies started bickering the moment we hit the road. A pink sword was involved and things got ugly quickly...

To be continued...

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