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Welcome to the home of The Writing Wench - storyteller, novelist, Reiki Master, ghost talker, demon hunter and dog walker.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peeps Across America Road Trip: Peeps Meet Fluff & Puff and Cause Havoc in City Garden St. Louis..

On a very hot morning (triple digit heat!) we were leaving St. Louis for points west when big white bunnies appeared to our right. Aghast, I stared at them and shouted, "Fluff & Puff! I wonder if Linda (Wisdom www.lindawisdom.com) knows where they are?"

A moment later Ann said, "Look, big giant head!", so we had to stop for pictures.

It was a bad idea. The moment we parked and walked over to the park, Peeps took one look at the children playing in the water and decided City Garden was THE place to Raise Havoc. He made a mad dash for the bunnies and introduced himself to Fluff without a by your leave. The two bonded instantly - as you can see. They played with the walking sign while Puff played with children nearby. Then Peeps went over and made Puff's acquaintance as well. Puff made sure to have his picture taken with "the pretty lady" (Ann).

Then... well, all hell broke loose.

The three of them went on a rampage. Statues were tipped, heads got broken, pictures were taken in eyes. Ann and I had to bandage the big giant head, then Peeps decided it was time to make a run for it. Fluff & Puff were on their own.

Peeps wanted to drive the getaway vehicle (a bad plan, as you can tell from the look on Ann's face.) But we made it out of St. Louis without getting arrested. Hopefully no one from there will read this and follow us...


  1. No wonder the house has been so quiet! They've been off getting into mischief. This time Jazz can just handle it.

    You didn't want to take them with you and the Peeps?

  2. Lol! Little do you know what happens to them and Peeps next - and this is AFTER the naked frozen bunnies in need of Rogaine incident...