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Welcome to the home of The Writing Wench - storyteller, novelist, Reiki Master, ghost talker, demon hunter and dog walker.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Country Diary of a 21st Century Woman

It's a little after 6 a.m. and I just opened the door to let the dogs out for their morning ablutions. Lovely morning - birds chirping, frogs singing in the pond, sun coming up over the trees. Promises to be hot and humid later, but right now it's perfect and just the right combination of warm and cool. Pulled the screen door to in order to let in the air off the back deck while I write before anyone else gets up and nearly jumped out of my skin when the outside handle moved.

I'm not sure how well you can see the frog in the picture above, but it's fairly nice size. Throughout the spring and summer we frequently have tree frogs crawling up our screens to catch bugs, but this is the largest I've met sitting on the door. I am not telling the idiot dog (either of them *grin*) about it or they'll go through the screen in order to "meet" it.

Right now the frog and I are having a very pleasant morning communing with the muse. How about you?

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