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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peeps Across America Road Trip: Peeps Pays Homage to Twine

After leaving St. Louis we decided to cross Kansas on the way to Denver. Our search for Roadside Attractions to share with Peeps (well, perhaps I should say at Peeps' demand) led us to...

The Giant Ball of Twine in Cawker City, KS. To visit this sight of major Peeps excitement, we passed up the Barbed Wire Museum in La Crosse, the suitcase shaped tomb of THE traveling salesman, the home of the guy who gave us angus beef and the tomb of a vampire. These were MAJOR things to pass up for Ann and I, let me assure you! The Big Ball of Twine was everything it promised to be and more. Peeps was thrilled, as you can see. Cawker City was a great deal less so. Within 3 minutes of our arrival at the Giant Ball of Twine, a man went into the bank across the street and a cop drove by. Moments later (clearly called by one of these two men - the only living creatures IN Cawker City at 9 a.m. on a Friday morning with NO COFFEE IN SIGHT ANYWHERE), a woman pulled into the parking lot next to the Giant Ball of Twine, got out of her car and asked if she could help us. She wanted to offer us twine to add to the ball but had left it home after removing it from her vehicle to take her kids to bible camp.

We were most anxious she NOT see the tiny marshmallow peeps offering Peeps insisted we leave at the base of the Big Ball of Twine, god of all twine, so we ... posed for pictures WITH the ball of twine sans Peeps.

After this, we made good our escape along highway 36.

I do not recommend this mode of escape across Kansas as there is NOTHING ON IT. There is NO COFFEE. There is Very Little Gas. And what towns used to be there have vanished, victims of modernization or economic disaster or both.

There is also nothing along this highway in Colorado. There is still NO COFFEE. There is no civilization (I don't require much, really!) until you hit Denver. And then there's a LOT OF IT.

But that's a story for another day.

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