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Welcome to the home of The Writing Wench - storyteller, novelist, Reiki Master, ghost talker, demon hunter and dog walker.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peeps Across America Road Trip Day 1: Shawnee Winery; Santa Peeps Wears a Cracker on his Nose...

Stopped at the Shawnee Winery Cooperative in Vienna, IL just after lunch. It's the only cooperative winery in Illinois and has created a market for small grape growers in southern IL. (www.shawneewinery.com) Ann and I did a small amount of wine tasting. Santa Peeps ... well let's just say the Winery's proprietress, Sonya, got a few chuckles out of him.

We left Shawnee Winery with several bottles of Dreamcatcher (the Winery's description does not do it justice. It is out of this world lovely, especially paired with a bite or two of The Chocolate Factory's milk chocolate. The Chocolate Factory is about 12 miles down the road from Shawnee Winery, but the Winery does also keep chocolate bars on hand for sale.)

Ann also purchased a bottle of Temptation, a pure apple juice wine, and we each picked up a sweet raspberry wine called Razzle Dazzle, which I can well imagine paired with cheese cake. It also goes very very nicely with the Chocolate Factory's milk chocolate.

All in all it was a well-chosen stop - except for Mr. Peeps' drunken celebration. A later stop at McDonald's found him still out of control. He had to have his picture taken sitting atop Ronald McDonald's head while I posed in the crook of Ronald's arm. I'm just glad mayhem didn't ensue...

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